Dec 18, 2014

A quote about higher education

I came across this quote and unfortunately it rings true in many people's lives.
"but let’s please be real; in today’s economy, the academic industry functions mostly as a sales office for predatory loans, which are pushed on unwary consumers using deceptive marketing practices. The vast majority of people who are attending US universities these days, after all, will not prosper as a result; in fact, they will never recover financially from the burden of their student loans, since the modest average increase in income that will come to those graduates who actually manage to find jobs will be dwarfed by the monthly debt service they’ll have to pay for decades after graduation."

I'll call out a few key items in this sad "recipe"
  • unwary consumers
  • modest average increase in income
  • monthly debt for decades
Maybe earlier in our society, a 4 year college degree was a solid bet for your career. Now that so many people are getting them, it's merely the new standard requirement for so many jobs. It doesn't set you apart because of all the competition.

Kelly and I have been blessed to be in the position we are in. But it was a graduate degree that God used to open the door for my professional career. The ladder keeps getting taller and higher to climb to reach the same level of success.

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